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This list contains the best travelogues and bike tour reports I have found so far. I like to expand it with more links from international sources. So if you want to be on this list, or you know a good link, or you find a dead link, please report it via my Feedback form.

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1 - New Zealand

Cycle Touring in New Zealand (english)
This is the one and only private cycle tour report about New Zealand, written by an original Kiwi, which I found so far. David gives us nice tour descriptions, maps and useful links on his beautiful website.
Cycling Dutch Girl (english)
No mountain is too high, no rain is too hard, no air is too cold for Mirjam from Holland. Great site and I'm happy to see also girls extensively biking around the world. Especially the New Zealand report is very interesting for me, Australia and Iceland as well. And I like this unconventional style. (german, forum also in english and espanol)
The Bikefreaks offer a very interesting site - however they have biked only New Zealands South Island, returning not very enthusiastic after getting wet like the fish there. I recommend to go to North Island!
New Zealand Cycling Project (german)
Stephans Radtouren in Neuseeland in den Jahren 1999 bis 2004 fanden zu der Zeit statt, als ich ebenfalls dort war. Ein schöner Vergleich für mich selbst, und insgesamt eine tolle Zusammenstellung von Reiseberichten und Fotos aus Neuseeland. (german)
This site has a lot of biketours to offer, you have to search for the New Zealand section. But it's worth to look for it, there are a lot of pictures and informations about New Zealand - I like it very much.
Christians mountain and motorbike trips (german)
Christian rode the motorbike for 5 weeks in New Zealand and had a significant advantage on the mountain routes. That's why I found pictures here, which are missing in my collection of New Zealand pics.
New Zealand per bicycle - diary of a bike trip (german)
I like to set this link, although there is no chance for a backlink from this page. This almost unlinked privat website is lost in space without support of search engines. But it's a real diamond: authentic, informative and with so many nice pictures.
Travel report about New Zealand 2004 (german)
Stephanie and Michael Schikora reporting about their three-and-a-half week trip with camper in New Zealand. Same here: no external links, search engines will not like ist. But it's a pity, the pictures are too nice.
We are on the road (german)
A wonderful blog of a world trip, with a big chapter about New Zealand. Unfortunately no chance for a backlink for me also here, but anyway, this is worth to link it.

2 - Australia

Bike about - New Zealand to England by bike (english)
It might look surprising that I put this is the Australia section, but Liz and Chris Leakey had to pass Australia on their route, and they did it on a very similar section like me: Melbourne to Sydney along the coastline, but unlike me they went onward to Brisbane.
One Year By Bicycle (english)
There are many crazy bikers, which had to make the complete circle around Australia (14.000 km). Mike from USA wrote a very interesting travelogue about it. In addition, he biked my route Melbourne - Sydney, which is very rare to read about. I am recently writing something about my tour there in the Australia section.

3 - Great Britain

Land's End to John O' Groats (english and german)
This report finally encouraged me to go to the "Island" somewhere near the gates of Europe ;-) and I had a printout of this report in my bag. I never regretted it, it was stunning, simply wonderful and mostly unbelievable to have the sunshine in Scotland nearly all the way. Excellent report, it really inspired me.

4 - South America / Chile

South America Bicycle Touring Links (english and a little bit german)
This catalog of bike travelogues is specialised on South America. Very recommended for everyone interested in this continent, it's a rich listing of authentic bike tour reports. I wish I could find something similar for New Zealand and Australia.
Marion's Chile bike tour (german)
A bike tour report at it's best. Marion, who had not much fun going on a bike tour, writes like a champion and has composed the most excellent and vital report which I found. It takes some time to read it, but I had no peace of mind until I finished the last sentence. Great!

5 - North Amerika: USA/Canada

"Ruhiger treten" (choose english language down on the page)
means something like: relaxed pedaling. Karin and Claus on a big bike trip in the USA. There is a lot to discover for myself - and maybe to plan for the future.

6 - Companions

Norbis "For me and for everybody" page (german)
My companion on three New Zealand Bike tours, who switched to hiking meanwhile, presents the pictures of his tours.

7 - Information pages for bike tours

Crazy guy on a bike (english)
This is the best bike travelogue page I have seen so far in english language with a vast catalog. Highly recommended. The "Resources" button is the link area to many many individual biker pages from all over the world.
Cycletourer website (english)
This is a very nice website with a huge bike travelogue link list in english. Congratulations, very rare to find good websites like this.
BikeForums (english)
This is a nice discussion forum about biking in general, completely in english. Get in contact, stay in contact.
Karl Brodowsky's (english and german)
collection of bike tour reports - my absolute favourite compendium of bike tour reports, a real treasure with a big New Zealand category.
Betzgi's Velo Reisen (english and german)
is one of the most famous bike sites around with so much fascinating reports and pictures, which show clearly the elation of its author.
Rad Reise Service (german)
bike and bike tour portal with many links to biketours all around the world. You can write and publish your own article there.
Helmuts Bike Pages (german)
is an impressing and very informative site about popular bike sport, and by the way, not only for people from the north ;-) It's worth to take a look inside.
Ingrid's Reisewelt / Reiseforum (german)
Ingrid's Reise-Forum with associated vast website is superb. Inside the forum, many members give valuable informations - very recommended. (german)
this is a lovely biketour portal with many articles, informations and categories about bike travelling. (german)
A popular site with descriptions of bike trails, bike tours and individual tour planning in Germany and Europe.
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New Zealand - Whangaroa - Northland

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