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New Zealand - Champagne Pool - Waiotapu Thermal Area
Champagne Pool, Waiotapu Thermal Area

It was a long and stony path for my website to rise in the listings of the Search engines. Finally it worked, but with very different speed and success. One of the biggest problems with search engines is, that users will not benefit from monopolies in the end, and in this case everyone knows which company I have in my mind. I like to encourage everyone to use more than only one search engine and to try something new. Users should have many options from which they can choose. An interesting article about this topic was published in the FAZ, also in english with the title "Dark Google". I've added the english versions to all of my pages about New Zealand, Australia and Scotland, and I'm curious about what happens to them. Can anyone find me with the strings "New Zealand Bike Tours" or "Biketour Australia" somewhere?


There are more than only these search engines on the net. For the english speaking folks, I recommend DuckDuckGo and Qwant as examples for excellent search engines.


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New Zealand - Lake Manapouri - Fjordland
Lake Manapouri, Fjordland

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